Reservation Policy

Reservations made through the property may be generally cancelled before 2 pm on day before arrival. For example if your reservation is made for January 6th, you have until 2 pm on January 5th to cancel the reservation without penalty.

If you make a reservation through a third party booking site such as Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com etc then those reservations are noncancellable, nonchangeable and nonrefundable.

If you make a reservation and do not show up for the reservation nor call to cancel it prior to the cancellation penalty phase then you will be assessed a no show penalty fee equal to the room rate plus tax of all nights on the reservation.

Same day reservations are nonrefundable and cannot be cancelled.

Special Cancellation Days:

Saloon Studios Live Woodstock Experience is from August 8th, 2019 until August 12th, 2019 with Check Out on August 13th, 2019. All reservations for the August 8th thru the August 12th are nonrefundable.

September 5th, 2019 due to high volume has a modified cancellation policy, any reservation made thru us for September 5th, 2019 must be cancelled prior to August 6th, 2019 or be subject to a cancellation penalty of the cost equal to the stay.

Pet Policy

We do allow pets in certain rooms. Pets are expected to be well behaved. There is an additional pet fee of $20 per pet per night plus tax for a pet in a room. Excessive barking or aggressive behavior towards staff or guests by your pet will result in you being asked to leave without compensation for any unused part of your stay.

If you sneak a pet into a non pet room there is a 200 dollar pet cleaning fee that is nonrefundable that will be assessed.

Note that Service Animals as defined by the ADA may stay without charge, though you are still responsible for any damages they may do to motel/hotel property. There is a voluntary registration with the NCDHHS that will help us know that your dog is a service animal. Click Here to find the voluntary application. If you fill it out and mail it to them they will send you an ID card in the mail and a tag for the dogs collar to identify it as a service dog if approved by them. While not required this service may help avoid any misunderstandings at check in. If your dog doesn’t have such then expect to have to answer the following questions per the ADA: Is the dog a service animal required for a disability? and What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Smoking Policy

We do have a few smoking rooms. There is no extra charge for smoking in smoking rooms.

If you smoke in a nonsmoking room you will be assessed a 200 dollar cleaning fee that is nonrefundable.

We ask guests and employees that are in a nonsmoking room but wish to smoke outside to please smoke 25 feet or more from the building. This is so that the smoke will not be brought into the nonsmoking rooms by the heater/ac units. Thank you.

Cash Policy

If you plan to pay with cash you need to be aware that there is a $50 deposit required in addition to the cost of the room if you do not provide a credit card at check in. This fee will be returned once the room is checked by the clerk or housekeeping and deemed to be in good order. Your driver’s license will also be copied and put on record for cash stays.


We do have a limited number of Rollaways for the rooms. The charge for a rollaway is $20 per night plus tax. Only 1 rollaway may be in a room.


We do have one crib that can be rented. The charge for the crib is $20 per night plus tax. Only 1 can be in a room and it can’t be in a room with a rollaway due to space constraints.

Reporting problems on a room

After you check in we ask that you inspect the room and make sure it is satisfactory. If anything is missing or something is amiss please report it to the front desk within 15 minutes of checking in. This way the issue can be addressed. If you wait until the next morning to report such issues you are not giving us a chance to deal with the issues in a way to satisfy you.


Guests are responsible for missing or damaged motel property. Damages will be charged according to the damages dealt to the room. A detailed listing of possible amounts is not practical for here, but keep in mind replacement costs include not just replacing items, but also the labor involved and the time the room will be out of service and thus not generating income due to damages. Lost service time will be assessed at the RACK rate as a Damage Fee Penalty and this will be above and beyond any replacement and labor costs.

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