Horn in the West & Hickory Ridge Museum (June 21st thru August 10th, 2019)

Horn in the West

June 21st thru August 10th 2019

Horn in the West brings to life the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone and the hardy mountain settlers of the Blue Ridge Mountains in their struggle to preserve their freedom during the years before and during the War for Independence. The drama highlights those settlers who came to the region seeking freedom and escape from British tyranny. Dr. Geoffrey Stuart, a prominent British physician, comes to the Colony of Carolina to study the dreaded disease smallpox, bringing his wife, Martha, and their teenage son, Jack. Through hardship and danger, house-raising and romance, the ties that bind the Stuart family and the small pioneer community grow. Dr. Stuart finds himself a respected leader in this hidden mountain community but has to resolve his conflicted feelings of loyalty to the Crown and his family’s sympathy for the Regulators and their fight for American independence.

Hickory Ridge Museum
Horn in the West

Click here for directions to Horn in the West from Nations Inn, we suggest that you use 194 rather than 221 while the latter is under road construction.