Ashe County Transportation Authority

Ashe County Transportation Authority

Deviated Fixed Route

Deviated Fixed Route (DFR) service between West Jefferson and Jefferson Monday through Friday 8:30 am until 5:30 pm; and Saturday 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

This service makes an hour loop between the towns of Jefferson and West Jefferson with a pre-set route.

This route is restricted to pick up and drop off locations within the one (1) mile deviation allowance.

This service can also deviate off the route up to 1 mile.

This service is on time restrictions and is not permitted to wait at drop off or pick up locations.

The fare for riding the DFR is $1.00 each time a passenger boards the vehicle.

To utilize this service, please call the DFR directly at 336-977-2595 or TDD Users 800-735-2962.

For a schedule of the DFR, click HERE.

For a map of the DFR, click HERE

Since we are within 1 mile of Ingles (we are across the street) you can arrange for pick up and drop off at Nation’s Inn by contacting the above number and letting them know. (Please note that your pick up point (if dropping off at Nation’s Inn) or drop off location (if being picked up at Nation’s Inn) must also be within 1 mile of the map to utilize this service, if it is not then you need to use the service below).

Demand Response Service

Demand Response service is available Monday through Friday 6:30 am until 7:00 pm; and Saturday and Sunday by reservation only (predominantly dialysis, outpatient surgery, airport).

Any resident of or visitor to Ashe County can access the transportation services offered by ACTA.

In county prices vary depending upon pickup location and drop off location. Call our Customer Service department for in county pricing information.

Out of county prices can be found HERE.

Appointments for Service have to be made by 2:00 PM the day before service is rendered. Monday appointments have to be made by 2:00 PM on Friday prior to Monday’s appointment. Same day appointments will be on a work in basis.

Medical appointments, grocery shopping, bill paying, work, college, senior center, airport, and much more.

Please Call 336-846-2000, TDD Users 800-735-2962 to make arrangements for transportation service.

ACTA does NOT provide Charter service or School Bus service.

Ashe County Transportation Authority
895 Ray Taylor Rd (0.71 mi)
West Jefferson, North Carolina 28694
Phone: (336) 846-2000