Church of the Frescoes

We welcome visitors to view our Ben Long frescoes and hope you will also join us for worship services. We are an inclusive community of diverse backgrounds, united by our love for God and each other.

Holy Trinity
195 J.W. Luke Road
West Jefferson NC

In 1980 Ben Long painted the fresco “The Lord’s Supper” behind the Altar at Holy Trinity. Long and 20 of his students spent three months completing the fresco while the church was still undergoing renovations. Area residents began taking an interest in what was taking place and were supportive of the work. The churches of the community (regardless of denomination) offered to feed the artists – creating a bit of competition for the best meal served. Local people served as models for all the biblical figures except the waiting maid, Judas, Thomas, and Christ. Benjamin F. Long was the model for Thomas. In a scrip at the right of the foot-washing bowl, Benjamin F. Long painted a dedication to his father, who died just as the fresco was being completed.

The Last Supper

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St. Mary’s
400 Beaver Creek School Road
West Jefferson, NC

In the spring of 1972, Father J. Faulton Hodge met the artist, Benjamin F. Long (Ben), at the home of Phillip Moose, a prominent artist in Blowing Rock. Mr. Moose and Father hodge discussed for 15 minutes the plan of Mr. Long building the fresco for free. In spring of 1974 Ben contacted Father. Hodge, saying that he was ready to do the fresco they had discussed.

In the summer of 1976 Ben returned to paint John the Baptist. The Mystery of Faith was done in the summer of 1977. It is said that Ben never quit working on the fresco even during the middle of church. He did stop to accept communion but then went right back to work

The Mystery of Faith

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